Hello Varaždin!

It’s time to proudly announce some news. We're opening an office in Varaždin.
Apply and become a part of our team.

About us

Infinum is a software design and development agency. We’ve been around for 11 years and currently count more than 100 people on three locations. We help small startups and big corporations create professional digital solutions.

Why Varaždin

We’ve always had a special bond with the city. A few of our team members are from Varaždin, and others have studied there at some point. We clicked, so a new office felt like the right move.

Varazdin train station
Varazdin FOI
Varazdin castle
Varazdin city hall

What can we offer?

You will be working with people who are masters of their trade; they know how to build modern web and mobile apps, use the latest technologies, and have fun doing it.

Varazdin train station
Varazdin FOI
Varazdin castle
Varazdin city hall

We’re a people business and take that seriously. Our employees are all good colleagues and friends who hang out and enjoy spending time together. Besides great company atmosphere there's a bunch of great perks.

Not actually our bike
Office bike
Get around Varaždin in style.
Pool membership
Pool pass
It's important to keep fit. We sponsor membership at Varaždin's pool.
Top notch gear
Top-notch equipment
Typical workstations are Macbook Pros/Macbook Airs with external screens.
Competitive salaries
Competitive salary
Salaries are up to date with market standards.
Playing games
Fun and games budget
Every team gets a monthly budget to spend on go-karting, dinners, paintball or other fun stuff.
Health care
Health checks
To keep you fit and fresh, we sponsor regular health checks.
Paid vacation
Paid vacation for everyone
Students or non-students, we treat all our people equally.
English lessons
English lessons
Ramp up your vocabulary through tailor-made language lessons.

Open positions

We’re looking for a motivated and hard-working team. If you’re into high-quality code, elegant design and have a good sense of humor, then this might be the beginning of a lovely relationship.

iOS Engineer
If you would like to be working on native iPhone and iPad apps, develop your own skills in a positive environment and have fun at the same time, this is a job for you!
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