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Topic: Swift

Goran B.
  — 10 min read

10-minute tips to make your iOS app more interactive

What do crows like? Shiny things. Us humans are not that different, which is why most people prefer using visual interfaces instead of command line terminals.
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Krešimir V.
  — 13 min read

SwiftUI is here to knock UIKit out of its shoes

Another WWDC is behind us and oh boy, did they leave us with some cool new kids in town. We were...
Adis M.
  — 7 min read

SSL pinning in iOS - Swift edition

Some time ago, we published an article regarding the benefits of SSL pinning. If you haven't...
Vedran B.
  — 6 min read

Becoming an iOS developer Swiftly

So you want to learn the programming language everyone's talking about, but don't know...
Ante K.
  — 10 min read

How to make your iOS apps more secure with SSL pinning

SSL pinning plays a major role in building highly secure mobile apps which users will be able to...
Vedran B.
  — 8 min read

Top 10 iOS Swift libraries every iOS developer should know about

Swift is gaining popularity each day. If you're starting a new project, chances are that...
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