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Topic: Swift

Adis M.
  — 7 min read

SSL pinning in iOS - Swift edition

Some time ago, we published an article regarding the benefits of SSL pinning. If you haven't done so already, read it - it covers a lot of basics taken for granted in this follow-up article.
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Vedran B.
  — 6 min read

Becoming an iOS developer Swiftly

So you want to learn the programming language everyone's talking about, but don't know...
Ante K.
  — 10 min read

How to make your iOS apps more secure with SSL pinning

SSL pinning plays a major role in building highly secure mobile apps which users will be able to...
Vedran B.
  — 8 min read

Top 10 iOS Swift libraries every iOS developer should know about

Swift is gaining popularity each day. If you're starting a new project, chances are that...
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