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Topic: Ruby on rails

Squeezing Webpack into backend frameworks

If you ever made a website, it probably contained some assets like images, CSS and JavaScript. In...
Darko K.
   —  8 min

Is Ruby dead? Hell no! - Analyzing RubyGems stats for 2016

Another year is behind us and many things have changed in the web development world - the number...
Marko Ć.
   —  9 min

Trends in Ruby - analyzing rubygems stats for 2015

2015 is behind us and the market is flooded with new languages and frameworks. A lot of them seem...
Damir S.
   —  10 min

Best Rails image uploader - Paperclip vs. Carrierwave vs. Refile

Everybody that has ever implemented file upload by hand in a Rails app knows that it’s no...
Stanko K.
   —  4 min
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