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Topic: Open source

One RecyclerView to rule them all

When RecyclerView was introduced, we were amazed with all of the new possibilities. We could...
Željko P.
   —  6 min

Make sure your users have the latest app version installed

In today’s mobile ecosystem it's easy to publish an updated version of your application....
Ivan K.
   —  4 min

Building web apps with GO

GO is a newcomer to the world of programming. An open source, statically typed programming...
Ivan L.
   —  7 min

Hide annoying cookie notifications with the help of The Cookie Monster

If you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet, you are probably annoyed by the strange cookie...
Darko K.
   —  2 min

Learn JavaScript by building your own jQuery

So you heard that JavaScript is the best programming language and you've decided to become a...
Mihael Š.
   —  4 min

Progress bar in Rails

Ever needed a progress bar for some long-running task in your Rails application? You searched...
Stjepan H.
   —  4 min

Top 8 tools for Ruby on Rails code optimization and cleanup

Keeping your code clean and organized while developing a large Rails application can be quite a...
Damir S.
   —  5 min

A blazingly fast open source algorithm for POI clustering on iOS

Most mobile apps nowadays include some kind of a map that's dotted with markers - ATMs, gas...
Filip B.
   —  4 min

Simple Ruby on Rails content editing

When your client asks for some copy editing on their website, does it take too much of your time?...
Damir S.
   —  3 min
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