Server-side talk 5

Introduction to Elixir and Phoenix
Vladimir Rosančić
Over the past few years, Elixir has grown in popularity. That trend continues as more and more developers decide to use it for their web-facing systems. It's a functional language, built on top of the Erlang VM, which gives it superpowers when talking about scalability and concurrency. When you combine those superpowers with Elixir's simplicity and readability, you get a really powerful tool. Chris McCord utilised all features of the language and created a web framework called Phoenix. Many of its concepts are the same as in well-established web frameworks such as Rails or Django. Phoenix truly combines simplicity and productivity with high performance. This talk will give a high-level overview and introduction to both Elixir and Phoenix.
What's special about Elixir?
Saša Jurić
This talk aims to explain what makes Elixir very different from most other languages (spoiler alert: it’s not the syntax). In the talk, we'll focus on explaining some fundamental properties of Elixir/Erlang concurrency, with a special emphasis on why are these properties very relevant in the context of server-side systems. There will be a bit of high-level theory and a couple of interesting demos. The talk targets experienced backend developers, but it doesn't require any knowledge of Elixir or Erlang. The audience should walk away with a better notion of what makes Elixir different from most other languages, including the ones with a more sophisticated concurrency story (such as Go, or Java/Scala with Akka).
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