Server-side talk 1

Advanced SQL functions explained
Petar Ćurković
Getting data from our SQL databases is not always a trivial task - standard aggregate functions, groupings and joins sometimes are not good enough. And not so rarely we struggle with performance issues. To make our job easier when we do complex calculations and to accomplish better performance of our queries, we will go through some advanced SQL mechanisms like WINDOW and ARRAY functions and operators, as well as materialized VIEWs.
Hiding Secrets in a Vault
Stjepan Hadjić
Most applications use third-party services. Access to those services are possible through some secrets and keys. Let's store those secrets in a Vault instead of hard coding them in our software. Vault is a free product made by HashiCorp that makes it easy to store, read and share your secrets with other members of your team and machines. It stores already encrypted data, it has many different ways to authenticate including GitHub and on top of it all, it logs everything.
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