Server-Side talks

Interesting talks and mini lectures about new and cool stuff that's going on in the world of backend development, organized by the Infinum Rails team.

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Application security bugs and issues, a pentesters perspective.
Tonimir Kišasondi, FOI
In this lecture, I will focus on my experiences with security issues and bugs found in the wild from my perspective as a consulting penetration tester and security architect for some companies, We will show a couple of interesting classes of security issues found in the wild, and will focus on some interesting organizational points. This lecture should be useful for developers and project managers.
Do you really need WebSockets?
Stanko Krtalić Rusendić,
Over the years I've had this conversation a couple of times. People use WebSockets without knowing what they are, why they are doing it and what alternatives exist. This talk will cover all mentioned topics.
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About Server-side talks

In this monthly event, we bring together local developers and share new stuff in the world of backend development.

If you'd like to join us, RSVP on our Facebook or Meetup page. If you're interested in speaking drop us a line at

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