JS talk 7

Typing JavaScript
Krešimir Antolić
Are you sick of writing unit tests just to make sure your input values are okay? Do you think JavaScript is too much script and too little Java? Are you starting to suspect undefined might be a function? If you've checked any of these boxes, then this is the talk for you! This talk will cover the basic of TypeScript and solve all your problems.
Angular 2
Mihael Šafarić
Angular 2 inherited its reputation from AngularJS, but beside the name, those are two completely different frameworks. Angular’s selling points are performance, scalability, and the "big players" standing behind it. It has some great tools to begin with, but its youth is a great challenge for developers. This talk will explore both what makes Angular shine and the challenging parts that might cause headaches during development. It should leave you with a good idea of Angular’s place in the JavaScript world, its tooling, and why (early) adoption might be a good idea.
Luka Skukan
One of the biggest advantages of libraries and frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular is the ability to represent your view layer appearance and behavior in terms of components. What you might not know, however, is that you can also do the same thing natively, without relying on external libraries. In this talk, we'll see what Web Components are, how to use them, and how you can use them to improve your code without any external library magic.
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