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Interesting talks and mini lectures about new and cool stuff that's going on in the world of JS development, organized by the Infinum JS team.

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Be more productive with MobX
Andrei Zvonimir Crnković, Infinum
Imagine a world where your state management has less boilerplate and code that is both easier to understand and faster to write. And now imagine that it's as scalable as insert your library here. This talk shows you that not only frameworks benefit from a functional and straightforward state management solution.
Taming JSON API with MobX
Darko Kukovec, Infinum
JSON API is a quite good specification - it gives you a structured way to communicate with the API without any major bikeshedding. However, JSON API is also a complex specification with a lot of small but important details. This is a story about how we went head to head with JSON API and won.
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Listen, talk and connect to people with the similar experiences like you. We will share what we know and what we love - Frontend and JavaScript development. Take a load off from JS fatigue and come and join us every second Tuesday of the month and expand your developer mind.

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