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Interesting talks and mini lectures about new and cool stuff that's going on in the world of JS development, organized by the Infinum JS team.

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E2E Testing and You
Ivan Grginov, Infinum
This talk will give you a light overview of testing with focus on end 2 end testing and browser automation - specifically on CodeceptJS library. We will go over why and when you should think about e2e tests, how to write those tests effectively, how to have others writing tests for you and how to use all this for manual testing.
Building web sites like it’s 1999
Darko Kukovec, Infinum
Do you think being a web developer was easier 10 or 20 years ago? Do you think we’re overengineering things just for the sake of it? If so, join us on a journey of web development through the ages. Warning: This talk could cause a severe case of nostalgia.
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Listen, talk and connect to people with the similar experiences like you. We will share what we know and what we love - Frontend and JavaScript development. Take a load off from JS fatigue and come and join us every second Tuesday of the month and expand your developer mind.

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