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Interesting talks and mini lectures about new and cool stuff that's going on in the world of JS development, organized by the Infinum JS team.

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React Native in production
Leo Brdar, Infinum
Why did we choose React Native for our first mobile app? What were the good and what were the bad parts for us? What challenges did we face, how did we resolve them and what did we learn?
Yarn Workspaces
Roberto Kedmenec, Tria
Learn how to create reusable components and utilize Yarn Workspaces to create a monorepo system for easier handling of dependencies. We will also show how to share code between React, React Native and Node.js implementations.
Webpack Dynamic Import
Ivan Ružević, Infinum
Lazy load your Javascript components even when not using modern Javascript libraries like React or Angular. Let’s explore how to use Webpack dynamic imports and how to convert your existing code to a more optimized way of Javascript delivery.
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About JS Talks

Listen, talk and connect to people with the similar experiences like you. We will share what we know and what we love - Frontend and JavaScript development. Take a load off from JS fatigue and come and join us every second Tuesday of the month and expand your developer mind.

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