iOS talk 3

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Measurements and Units
Ivan Đikić
How iOS Security Really Works
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Swift API Design Guidelines
Luka Ušalj
What's New in Foundation for Swift
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What's New in Swift
Zoran Turk
Concurrent Programming With GCD in Swift 3
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Introducing SiriKit
Barbara Vujičić
Extending Your Apps with SiriKit
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Advances in UIKit Animations and Transitions
Jeton Fejza
Making Apps Adaptive, Parts 1 & 2
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Protocol and Value Oriented Programming in UIKit Apps
Vedran Burojević
Debugging Tips and Tricks
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Unified Logging and Activity Tracing
Filip Beć
Core Location Best Practices
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Advanced Testing and Continuous Integration
Michael Hayman
Visual Debugging with Xcode
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What's New in Auto Layout
Ante Karin
NSURLSession: New Features and Best Practices
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Understanding Swift Performance
Vlaho Poluta
Optimizing I/O for Performance and Battery Life
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A Peek at 3D Touch
Damjan Vujaklija
Introduction to Notifications
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What's New in Cocoa & Cocoa Touch
Denis Butorac
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