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Interesting talks and mini lectures about new and cool stuff that's going on in the world of iOS development, organized by the Infinum iOS team.

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Jailbreaking bad
Adis Mustedanagic, Infinum
Mild-mannered iOS guy Adis puts his developing skills to use to create a jailbreak detection and subsequently steps on the other side of jailbreak world to disable it as well.
Prototyping in Framer
Luka Drezga, Ars Futura
Explore a different approach to prototyping by combining code and design to create interactions that allow you to quickly and easily bring your designs to life, while your prototype behaves and updates as a real application would, bridging the gap between static and interactive design.
Get'em hooked on subscriptions!
Goran Blažič, freelancer
Apple recommends using subscription-based content delivery, the numbers show revenue goes up and is more consistent, it's a no-brainer, really... In this talk we'll go over the subject on a higher level, as well as dig into some technical details; and discuss possible pitfalls and "best practices".
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About iOS Talks

After holding a lot of succesful internal lectures and coorganizing Cocoaheads in Zagreb, Infinum's iOS team initiated its own brand of iOS meetups. Everything iOS related, from popular third party libraries to cool new native features and APIs is discussed on these monthly gatherings. The event is scheduled every last Tuesday of the month. Great atmosphere, craft beers and Club-Mates are guaranteed.

If you'd like to join us, RSVP on our Facebook or Meetup page. If you're interested in speaking drop us a line at

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