Android talk 9

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UI optimization
Dino Kovač
In this talk we'll show you some concrete examples of how to make your app faster by optimizing your views and layouts
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Android Wear UI
Ivan Kocijan
Currently there are only few Android wear devices on the market and, guess what, they all have different size and shape. In this talk we'll discuss how to create custom UI which will support both round and square watches, as well as their different sizes.
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Željko Plesac
DBFlow is ORM library for Android which strives to solve all of our problems with database management. I'll showcase few of its advanced features, and conclude with few examples of its usage.
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Xamarin Platform
Ivan Markusi
Cross-mobile development is a technique of writing a single codebase for apps that will be deployed on different platforms. In this lecture we'll talk about Xamarin Platform, a set of tools for creating such apps on all three major platforms.
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