Android talk 8

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Profiling with Traceview and dmtracedump
Željko Plesac
When things get messy, you need to use proper tools to solve your problems. We'll demonstrate how to use traceview and dmtracedump for debugging those nasty little bugs and errors.
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Dagger 2
Dino Kovač
In this talk we'll discuss why Dagger 2 will be the best Java dependency injection library yet. We'll show you how to use it and what advantages it offers over the original Dagger.
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Dev goodies in Android
Kristijan Jurković
It's been awhile since L preview was released with cool new APIs. We'll show you a brief overview of the cool stuff which came along and how it improved Android development.
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Decompiling Android apps
Ivan Kušt
Ever dreamed of reverse engineering an application? We'll show you how to decompile Android apps and quickly overview the tools required in the process. We'll also demonstrate what Proguard does to protect your code.
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