Android talk 5

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Square tape
Ivan Kocijan
Tape is a collection of queue-related classes for Android and Java by Square, Inc. We'll show you how to create tasks that can be paused and resumed later if the application crashes, connectivity is lost or even if the battery is drained out.
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UI optimization of android applications
Dino Kovač
In this lecture we'll show you some of the low-hanging fruit for UI optimization of your Android applications.
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DbInspector library
Dino Kovač
We'll demonstrate a small library developed for easy inspection of in-app database content. We'll show how to add it to a project and explain how it works.
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Android labs notifier
Ivan Marić
When developers release a new app version, they often want to notify existing users that an update is available. We have the same problem when deploying new test versions apps developed for our clients. Our solution for the problem is something called Lab notifier.
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Marko Vitas
Handling activity and fragment lifecycles correctly with saving and restoring data. Avoid crashes, use less bandwidth and get rid of the static.
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