Android talk 34

Finding Your Way with Navigation Components
Bojan Komljenović
Don't write a monumental router class or static entry points into your application screens. Return housekeeping and responsibility of navigating between them to Android itself. Using Navigation components is fairly simple but in this talk, we present our own twist on how to implement, maintain and migrate your projects. Peek into how we avoid complex navigation patterns, create the consistent user experience and yet obey a basic set of provided principles.
Surviving Room Migrations
Filip Floreani
Migrating data has always been a kind of a hassle, and it only takes one tiny discrepancy to destroy everything you've been working on. The introduction of the Android Room Persistence Library has made it much easier to handle these migrations, but you can still mess it up if you're not careful, which is why I'm going to talk about how to use Room to migrate data & not shoot yourself in the foot.
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