Android talk 15

Garfield Android Studio Plugin - Be Smart, Be Lazy
Miroslav Popović
Although developing software using best practices gives us great benefits, it requires writing boiler plate code and imposes overhead on the development process. This presentation demonstrates our experience with the development of an Android Studio plug-in that reduces the cost of development in most common scenarios.
Timber + Crashlytics -> A match made in heaven
Damian Marušić
In this talk we'll show you how to implement efficient logging during the development phase and seamless crash reporting when your app is in production. All this with as little configuration as possible. If crashes are something you want your users to be unaware of, we'll demonstrate how to achieve it with Square's app crash handler.
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How to develop a simple 2D game with physics engine
Ivan Kušt
We’ll show you how we implemented a very simple game using a 2D physics engine that handles gravity and collision detection.
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