Android talk 13

Android Design Library
Ivan Markusi
Android recently announced Design Support Library which brings a number of important material design components to Android 2.1 and above. In this talk we will show you how to use these components.
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Intro to Kotlin
Tomislav Homan & Dino Sulić
If you still haven't heard of it, there is a new star in JVM sky - Kotlin. This short presentation will serve as intro for those who wan't to hear what's all the fuss about and dive deeper into this new alternative to Java
Vision API
Filip Vinković
The New Mobile Vision API offers scanning barcodes and detecting faces. We'll show you how these new features work and how to detect if a person in a photo or video is smiling or frowning.
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How to develop apps like navy seal
Ivan Kušt
In this talk, we’ll show you our development process at Infinum. We'll talk about Continuous integration, MVP, Git flow, static code analysis, Unit tests, multi-environment support and a few more
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