Our stuff

When we're not busy creating software for our clients, we build tools, organize events and contribute to open source.


From prospect to payment, and everything in between. We built Productive for managing client work in one integrated system. 

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A transparent and smart way to see who's in the office at any given moment.

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This beautifully designed app gives every iPhone user the ability to quickly scan US and Canadian IDs.

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Organizing events

We organize kick-ass events that usually include free beer.

iOS talks
Building a stronger Apple Developer community.
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Android talks
Contributing to our local Android community.
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JS talks
Make JS great again.
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Server-Side talks
Demistifying the Web.
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Infinum Weekly News

An assorted menu of weekly newsletter snacks for design and development professionals. 

Fresh news from Droid zone
One more thing...
What is Ruby doing on Rails?
What's going on in </> world
UX & UI, grids & colors

Contributing to Open Source

We create tools, libraries or design assets. We sometimes release them into the wild for everyone to use.

FB Annotation Clustering
iOS library for clustering map items in an easy and performant way.
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Edit phrases inline for your Ruby on Rails applications!
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Android DB Inspector
Android library for viewing in app databases
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Cookies EU
Gem to automatically add cookie consent to a Rails application.
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Material Design Icons
Material Design Icons for Sketch
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Learn Query
Learn JavaScript fundamentals by building your own jQuery library
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Blazing fast application deployment tool.
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An Android library which makes checking password strength a breeze.
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Provides a simple way to extend the default RecyclerView behaviour with powerful features.
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Prince of Versions
A charming way to take control of your app updates.
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