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If you would like to work on all-in-one SaaS solution, as well as further develop your JavaScript and frontend skills, this is the job for you!


At Infinum, we develop and design great software for both mobile and web. Our clients range from small and exciting startups to large brands, banks, insurance companies, media publishers, mobile carriers, etc. Many awards prove the quality of our work, the experts working here share their knowledge on our blog, whereas our Facebook and Instagram show how much fun we have while doing it. We're a bunch of young people; we appreciate humor, music, quality code, beautiful design, and a friendly work environment.

We are looking for a JavaScript Engineer for our in-house product - Productive. Productive is an all-in-one software solution for small and medium-sized agencies and consultancies. Instead of having 10 different tools for project management, sales, time tracking, CRM, invoicing, and keeping track of your profitability, companies can have only one. A great one.

What does a JavaScript Engineer do at Productive?

As a JavaScript engineer in the Productive team, you will be responsible for developing the client side for the Productive microservices architecture. This includes our main web app, marketing website, mobile & desktop apps and few other services - all written in JavaScript. 

The Productive frontend stack consists of cutting-edge technologies such as Ember.js, ES6, Babel, Node, Handlebars, SASS, etc... As the product grows and gets more traction with users, you’ll need to balance your development process between delivering new features, optimizing for performance, security and maintaining a sustainable code architecture.

Some of your day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • planning, designing, developing and testing new features
  • writing automated tests
  • deploying to production several times a day
  • collaborating with the backend team on API design
  • refactoring legacy solutions and building a better CI architecture
  • squashing those pesky bugs
  • reviewing PR’s for others and getting your PR’s reviewed
  • maintaining mobile apps on App Store & Google Play
  • brainstorming on how to make Productive better
  • communicating with our clients through Intercom

With the rest of the team, you will build a resilient, microservice-oriented architecture and deploy your code multiple times a day without the fear of breaking things. This journey will be challenging as the product scales, but hey - you’ll be surrounded with great people in a relaxing atmosphere.

You'll be a part of the Productive team that reports to the CEO. You can work out of our Croatian offices in either Zagreb or Rijeka.

Who are we looking for?

The ideal candidate for Productive is a JavaScript developer with frontend experience under his belt, looking to work on a product that is growing and providing great value to its customers.

If you recognize yourself in some of the following things, we will be happy to receive your application. If you have:

  • great knowledge of core frontend technologies (JS, HTML and CSS)
  • experience with modern JS frameworks (React, Angular, Ember, Vue...)
  • knowledge of Ember.js is a big plus
  • excellent command of English
  • having at least one project deployed and in production
  • experience with JS testing libraries like Mocha, Jasmine, Qunit...
  • love for words like KISS, YAGNI, DRY, SOLID...
  • experience with working in a team environment
  • a drive to make your code better every day

This is the sort of background we are generally looking for, but these criteria are by no chance set in stone. We will consider all applicants since formal education is not a decisive factor for this job position.

What can we offer?

To get a better picture of what we can offer, check our Careers page, but a TL;DR is: 

  • the opportunity to work continuously on one product
  • a team of young, creative professionals
  • a relaxed working atmosphere and flexible working hours
  • a competitive salary
  • top-notch equipment
  • a chance to communicate your own ideas, bring them to life and see them have a real impact on the product
  • work in a successful company that's growing and changing every day
  • work with customers all over the world
  • work with an awesome team of the best people in the industry and learn from them

Other perks:

  • fun and games budget
  • dog-friendly offices
  • sponsored health checks
  • sponsored gym membership
  • sponsored car and bike parking
  • fresh fruit and healthy snacks every day
  • sick leave paid in full (none of that 70% nonsense)
  • sponsored English courses (if your English is not perfect, make it perfect!)
  • baby cash - a cash bonus when becoming a parent (if applicable)

Also, take some time to check out other perks and benefits here.

How do you get this job?

If you think we can live up to your expectations and you're willing to share your experience and knowledge, apply using the form below. Please send us:

  • a code sample of some of your previous work or your Github/Bitbucket profile link
  • your CV

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