We're looking for intelligent, motivated and hard-working people who care about code quality, user interface, design and want to build technology that helps people solve real-world problems.

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JavaScript Engineer
iOS Engineer
Android Engineer

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iOS Engineer

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iOS Engineer
Android Engineer

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What do we offer?

Learn more about the team you'll be working with here. We're good friends and enjoy spending time together. We organize and speak at different events.

Flexible work hours
Flexible work hours
Tailor your work hours to your own preference.
Top notch gear
Top-notch equipment
Typical workstations are Macbook Pros/Macbook Airs with external screens.
English lessons
English lessons
Ramp up your vocabulary through tailor-made language lessons.
Competitive salaries
Competitive salary
Salaries are up to date with market standards.
Playing games
Fun and games budget
Every team gets a monthly budget to spend on go-karting, dinners, paintball or other fun stuff.
Shiny offices
Big shiny offices
Our offices are new, spatious, modern and located in the city centre.
Gym membership
Gym membership
We sponsor membership in an awesome gym right next to our office.
Health care
Health checks
To keep you fit and fresh, we sponsor regular health checks.
Travel opportunities
Travel opportunities
We work for clients all over the world, and often travel and see new and interesting places.
Conference talks
Speak at conferences
We pay travel and accommodation expenses to speak at conferences.
Dog friendly office
Dog-friendly office
If you have a dog, and he doesn't eat Macbooks, feel free to bring him to work.
Paid vacation for everyone
Paid vacation for everyone
Students or non-students, we treat all our people equally.
Parking spots
Car and bike parking
Don't let your ride catch the rain.
Paid sick leave
Paid sick leave
We look after you, even when you're down.
Specialization in technology
Jack of all trades, master of none. With us, master your craft in Android, iOS, Ruby and more.
Once a year. Three days. Top secret remote location. 
Greetings from our lovely team!
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