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Want to learn how to design great digital products? Spend eight weeks with professional screen designers and give your skillset a boost in the right direction.

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From manufacturing and healthcare, to leisure and media, digital economy is disrupting traditional and creating new industries. Technology enables experiences that were unthinkable just a few years ago, and design connects it with end users.

To most, technology without design would be useless. This layer that creates meaningful interactions between technology and humans has led to a new form of expertise. Apart from software developers who build products in code, designers stand behind software’s concept and structure, behavior and aesthetics.

Do you like solving problems in a fun interactive way? Do you believe the digital design might be used to improve upon people’s lives? Then digital design might be your calling.

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About the course

At Infinum Academy, we teach students and recent graduates how to create functional and beautiful user interfaces. Throughout eight weeks, we'll go through the process of user-centered design in the digital world. You’ll be familiarized with methods startups and digital agencies use to design scalable solutions for large crowds.

The emphasis of all our courses is applied knowledge. Infinum Design Academy offers a combination of free lectures and practical exercises through which students will get a first-hand experience in designing modern mobile apps. By the end of the Academy you will have the skills to design for both mobile and web. If you stand out, you might even land a job at Infinum.

Course information
Course duration
Sep 27 - Nov 15 (8 weeks)
Thursdays at 18:00 h (2hrs)
Project mentoring
Tuesdays at 17:00 h
Infinum (13th floor)
Course language
Croatian, English readings
Max. attendees
12 students
Materials provided
A MacBook
A temporary Sketch license
A dedicated Slack channel
Reading materials and other education resources
Learning support via e-mail or during project mentoring

Meet the instructors

We’ve been in business for 12 years, built a team of over 150 people and have wrapped up more than 500 projects for clients all across the globe. Our design team is crafting award-winning apps used by thousands of users. They combine various design methods, cutting-edge tools and trends in the industry, and they can't wait to share their valuable knowledge with you.


Important dates

Aug 21 Applications open Sep 24 Application feedback Nov 15 Academy end Sep 21 Applications close Sep 27 Nov 30 Academy start Graduation Sep 24 Nov 15 Application feedback Academy end Aug 21 Applications open Sep 21 Applications close Sep 27 Academy start Nov 30 Graduation

How to apply

Students can apply for the Infinum Design Academy until September 18th. It's not necessary to have a formal student status in order to apply for the course, we’re accepting submissions from recent graduates as well.

Enclosed in the application should be:

A portfolio of up to 10 of your favorite works. They don’t need to be related to web or mobile design, we’ll be focusing on your creativity and style.
A few sentences outlining your ambitions and motivation for applying.
Applications for this year's Design Academy are closed

Contact us

If you have any questions, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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